About Healthy Life Yoga

Our Philosophy

At Healthy Life Yoga, we believe yoga is a valuable tool for keeping the entire body healthy, and assist you in taking an active role in improving your health. We teach the traditional physical postures (also known as Hatha yoga or asanas) to increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and improve circulation. We include breathing, deep relaxation and meditation techniques to calm the mind, reduce the effects of stress, and provide a well-rounded experience.

Healthy Life Yoga offers a variety of class styles to support your goals.  Our desire is for you to learn how to safely practice yoga, and while we take our yoga seriously, we believe you can still have fun while practicing.  Classes are small so you have the opportunity to get individual attention from the teacher.  You will receive the guidance and support you want to attain your health and fitness goals.  Our studio is a combination of cork and carpet, kept at standard room temperature, and we supply all of the props you’ll need for practice, which creates a comfortable environment for you to learn in. We keep our studio at room temperature so that your body can produce it’s own heat and you can safely practice without fear of overheating or overstretching.

Additionally, we support the health of the community through charitable drives, health expos and corporate stress reduction demonstrations.  Whether you take a yoga class, attend a weekend wellness program, invite us to a corporate team-building session or just stop in to ask a question, we want to support you in leading a healthy life.

Our Beginnings

Healthy Life Yoga Studio started as Yoga Motion at Forest Hill Avenue and Chippenham Parkway in 2001.  The original owner wanted to provide a space where students could come, stretch and experience yoga in its traditional form.In the Spring of 2003 it became Forest Hill Yoga Studio, and the new owner carried on the original aspiration of offering yoga as a tool for maintaining and improving health ~ by the way this aspiration is one reason yoga began 5000 years ago.  Healthy Life Yoga moved to Midlothian in 2005, out of need for a new space, and changed the name to illustrate what we are all about.  We are having fun and look forward to continuing to offer yoga classes as long as there are students wanting to experience yoga and its benefits for leading a healthy, happy life.



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    • Heather

      Hi, Nancy!

      Right now, we do not have chair yoga classes. I do know that MAC (Midlothian Athletic Club) has chair yoga classes, and they were allowing non-members to come in for them. I hope that helps!