Beginners Yoga

Beginners, start your yoga voyage at Healthy Life Yoga! We LOVE beginners and offer beginner class options during both day and evening hours.

new studentShowing up to your first yoga class as a beginner is truly one of the best positions you will ever be in as a yogi! It’s comparable to being a kid again when you were unaware of time, the “world”, limitations due to fear, and the list goes on. At Healthy Life Yoga, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible in our yoga classes for beginners. There is no flexibility or special equipment required; show up exactly as you are!

New to Healthy Life Yoga Student Special:

21 Days Unlimited Yoga for $45!

If you have not been to Healthy Life Yoga before, and want to experience the benefits of yoga, come try us out with our new student special.

It takes 21 days to establish a habit – make it a healthy one by trying out 21 days of unlimited yoga for $45. We have classes scheduled every day of the week, so you will have plenty to choose from. The class size is kept small, and the room temperature is kept comfortable, so that the instructor can make sure that you are practicing safely.
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Trying It Out – Intro to Yoga classes

Would you like to try out a class first to see if yoga is right for you?  The Intro to Yoga is a single, one-time class that includes a brief history of yoga, a basic class sequence, a demonstration on how to use a variety of props for individual needs, and an introduction to meditation.  Most of the participants in the class are brand new to yoga.

Intro to Yoga workshop price: $15

• Safely explore your possibilities
• Learn to honor your physical abilities
• Go at your own pace
• Develop a strong foundation for continued practice
• Increase strength and flexibility
• Let go of stress and tension in the body
• Enjoy learning with others

Check out our class schedule and register for classes here.

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8 thoughts on “Beginners Yoga

  • Andrea

    Hi, I am looking to return to yoga after a considerable amount of time, due to athritis of the lower back and both hips I am wondering if you run a class which would be suitable ?

    Kind regards

    • Heather

      Hi, Andrea! I would suggest the Monday night Slow Flow class, or the Sunday Yoga Relax. If you want a more vigorous return, the Tuesday night Align & Flow is a smaller class, and Izzy can really focus on what you will need in your new practice. The alternative is to take a private lesson and go from there with suggestions based on what the instructor thinks then. Good luck & Namaste!

  • Doris Hineline

    I have taken yoga in the past at a studio in Sycamore Square. I now have back issues and was wondering if this would be helpful if I get back into yoga. I would start from the beginning, I would also like to see what the massage is like. How large are the classes – I do prefer small.

  • Raven Fisher

    Hi! I am looking for a beginners class for my son (4 y/o) and I to do together. He’s really gotten into the 10 minute yoga videos on-demand lately, and I’d love to find a class we can go to locally. Do you have classes appropriate for a 4 year old and his bet beginner Mom? 🙂 If not, any suggestions??

    • Heather

      Hey, Raven! Would still love for you to join our family yoga class on Saturday morning at 9:00 am. It was nice to connect with you on Facebook also!
      Namaste, Heather

  • Vicki L Ettare

    i have only recently been interested in taking yoga. I have been told that some classes work with each individual and at their own pace… no competition. I am interested in that type of atmosphere. Do you offer that? Or is that only available in private lessons at your facility?

    • Heather

      All of our classes are built around that philosophy. Yoga is always about what feels good to you and your body, and not what everyone else may be doing. The beginner classes go slowly, and all classes give options to stay at one place or go to another, depending on what you want to do that day. There are a couple of beginner classes that are pretty small, and you could get extra individual attention also. Email me with any other questions: