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Yoga Classes

The following yoga class levels are those offered at Healthy Life Yoga. Everyone progresses through the different levels at their own pace based on individual abilities and desires. Each class level internally builds on itself, so you are learning a little something new each week while developing what you learned last week. Our teachers follow your progress and offer continued guidance. Brand new to yoga? If you are brand new to yoga, have never been to a yoga class, or have only taken a couple of classes, please visit the Beginners page to learn more on how to get started.

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Yoga Relax – Beginner to Advanced – Stretching the Body – 75 minutes:
An excellent class for students wanting a good all over body stretch or recovering from injury. Students enjoy various stretches to open the shoulders and hips, improving range of motion and relieving stiffness. Includes a slow, gentle sequence of poses and a guided or silent meditation to end. Students brand new to yoga are also invited to attend. No prior yoga experience required.

Beginner Yoga – Creating a Foundation – 75-90 minutes:
Learn the fundamentals of yoga in a safe environment with experienced teachers. Students learn a series of basic poses to build strength and increase flexibility, as well as beginning breathing and meditation techniques to calm a busy mind. This class is taught at a slower pace with detailed instruction.

Yoga Level 1 – Beginner Continuation – 75-90 minutes:
If you enjoy the pace of a Beginner’s class but don’t need quite as much detailed instruction, this is your class! We’ll introduce some new poses and deepen those that are familiar, while continuing to explore meditation and breathing techniques.

All Levels Yoga – Beginner to Advanced – Exploring the body – 75 minutes:
This class is open to students of all levels. Students practice a combination of poses that build strength and improve flexibility without over taxing the body. The class instructions include modifications for making the poses more challenging to accommodate the more experienced yogi. Some yoga experience may be beneficial for this class, but is not necessary.

Yoga Level 1-2 – Beginner/Intermediate – Mixing it Up – 75 minutes:
This next step after Beginner classes offers more challenge and a mix of levels. There is a wide range of ability and experience in this class and we offer modifications to the poses to increase or decrease the challenge level based on personal preference. Several rounds of a warm-up flow sequence (Sun Salutation) are included in this class along with level appropriate meditation and breath technique.

Yoga Level 2 – Intermediate – Developing the Practice – 80-90 minutes:
Ideal for students who have been practicing yoga regularly for at least six months. We practice a warm up flow sequence, explore different levels of challenge for various poses, and expand on proper alignment, so it’s important to have a basic understanding of pose names and their basic alignment. The range of student ability varies the greatest at this level, and students continue to learn how to adapt to their individual needs.

Yoga Level 2 – 3 – Intermediate/Advanced – Mixing it Up – 75 minutes:
This class is open to intermediate to advanced students, and is not only a faster paced class, but we also will hold some poses longer for those wanting more of a challenge in their practice. We teach modifications for each pose to create the challenge, if desired, and to illustrate how poses progress. This class also has an expanding emphasis on meditation and various pranayama techniques.

Yin Yoga – Mixed Levels – 75 minutes:
Complementary to a more active (yang) style of practice, yin yoga targets the deep, dense connective tissues of the body, with a focus the hips, pelvis, lower back, and knees. The exploration of yin asanas serves as a steady foundation for inward-turning and subtle energetic and organ awareness, while cultivating our capacity for presence. Suitable for all levels—especially those wishing to take their practice to a deeper level of sensitivity and stillness, both inside and out.

Slow Flow – All Levels – 75 minutes:
Designed to destress while building strength and flexibility in the body, this class is appropriate for all levels. The movements are slower than a traditional class, and modifications are offered to those who need it.

Prenatal Yoga – 75 minutes:
Experience how yoga can support and empower you during your journey through pregnancy and towards parenthood. The practice of gentle vinyasa yoga designed for expectant women will help you adjust to the changes of pregnancy; it will also help you prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally for childbirth and labor and for your life as a parent. Learn More…

Sunrise Yoga – 75 minutes:
Enjoy an early morning salute to the sun!  This is an all-levels class designed to warm your body and your mind, getting you ready for your day.  This is a general flow class, incorporating sun salutations, standing/balancing work, and floor work.

Hatha classes versus Vinyasa or Flow Classes…

Vinyasa classes allow you to move from pose to pose continuously using your breath (flowing), and holding poses when appropriate. Hatha classes allow you to stop and explore poses a little longer, and also include breath work.

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