Massage Services at HLY in Midlothian, Va

Therapeutic Massage offered at Healthy Life!

Massage sessions are available by appointment with flexible hours

To schedule an appointment contact

Allison Thomas – 757-285-6411 –


½ hour massage $40

1 hour massage $70;  Package of 3: $190

1 ½ hour massage $100; Package of 3: $270

About your Therapist:

Allison Thomas started her massage career in 1997, when she graduated from the Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy. Her modalities include Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), pregnancy massage, geriatric and therapeutic massage.  She is Vodder certified in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) with other continuing education in neuromuscular therapy, pregnancy massage, craniosacral therapy and has a BA in psychology from George Mason University. With an active practice of massage for over 15 years, Allison incorporates her knowledge of the body and healing modalities in every massage to create a relaxing and nurturing environment.  This is where healing takes place.

While taking time off from her massage practice to raise her two daughters in Blacksburg, Allison completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program with Anna Pittman, during which she enriched her understanding of the body through awareness and movement.  She is now a registered yoga teacher (RYT200).  Allison’s goal in a class is to make yoga accessible to every BODY and to share the awesome benefits that yoga can bring.  Her body work background and focus on alignment allow her to assist the body in promoting a safe and efficient practice.  She is currently living in Woodlake and in a continuing yoga training with Anna Pittman to further develop her knowledge and experience of the body mind spirit connection.

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of soft tissue of the body by utilizing different therapeutic techniques. It can help the body on so many levels.  Your massage will be customized to your needs and preferences.

 Benefits of Therapeutic Massage:

  • Improved circulation
  • Decreased joint and muscle pain
  • Improved muscle flexibility
  • Increased range of motion
  • Relief of Headaches, TMJ disorder, Stress and Tension
  • Reduce risk of injury

What is MLD?  MLD, or Manual Lymph Drainage is a slow, rhythmical, gentle massage that focuses on the lymphatic vessels of the body.  Because these vessels are so close to the skin surface, the touch is very gentle.  This massage aids in draining excess fluid from the tissue, which can have a detoxifying effect.  It can be applied to a healthy person or to over 60 different conditions.  Some of the benefits of MLD are:

  • Removes metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large protein molecules, and foreign substances from the tissues.
  • Alleviates pain by stimulating the parasymphatic nervous system with the slow gently movement. This also promotes incredible relaxation.
  • Helps the body to heal more quickly for injuries, surgery, chronic conditions and edema.
  • Helps to break up scars and minimizes the scars formation.

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